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Balim started her career at Reuters Ltd. Media, client support and communications department. Driven by her passion for art and research, she produced documentary films as well as video arts at the beginning
of the 2000s. In 2006 she attended Mediterranean Film business school in Rhonda, Spain. When her creatively-driven and production-focused mindset urges her to switch to the commercial film sector as a platform to contribute to her self-improvement with continuous new technology follow-up on film making, Balim joins PTOT Films in Istanbul.

With 20 years of global film production experience as a coordinator, AD, producer, and over 500 commercial films and music videos, Balim takes on any challenge to make seemingly impossible possible in the production world. She works as International Sales Executive for the last five years alongside developing and producing content for digital platforms. Balim has strong team building and communication skills that allows her to foster symbiotic relationships with creatives and producers.

When not working, Balim enjoys her family and friends in Istanbul, one of the most fascinating cities in the world.